About the seminar

The Seminar for Geometric Topology is a joint scientific-research seminar of the following two entities:

  • Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana (OM FMF UL) and
  • Topology and its Applications Group at the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics in Ljubljana (IMFM).

Participants of the seminar:

  • PhD students at OM FMF UL
  • members of the research groups at IMFM and OM FMF UL
  • research group guests at IMFM and OM FMF UL
  • visiting researchers

The seminar is led by Assist. prof. Boštjan Gabrovšek and Prof. Dušan Repovš.
In the academic year 2023/2024, this seminar will be online and in English.

Summer Semester 2023/2024

21.2.2024Urban OgrinecParameterized topological complexity, 1. del927 2980 9880
28.2.2024Urban OgrinecParameterized topological complexity, 2. del927 2980 9880
6.3.2024Łukasz P. MichalakTopological fixed point theory: algebraic periods of surface homeomorphisms927 2980 9880
13.3.2024Bartosz GreńOn algebraic tangles and their classification927 2980 9880
27.3.2024Eva HorvatNonsmooth manifold decompositions927 2980 9880
17.4.2024Matic SimoničSpatial Graphoids, part 1927 2980 9880
24.4.2024Matic SimoničSpatial Graphoids, part 2927 2980 9880
8.5.2024Łukasz P. MichalakVertex-minimal triangulations of spaces with a given fundamental group927 2980 9880
15.5.2024Aleš VavpetičOn the connectivity of the Vietoris-Rips complex of a hypercube graph927 2980 9880
22.5.2024Paolo CavicchioliUsing persistent homology for the identification of lasso proteins927 2980 9880
29.5.2024Žiga VirkOn the contractibility of the Rips complexes of ℤⁿ927 2980 9880
5.6.2024Petar PavešićMetric on a (generalized) cohomology group927 2980 9880

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