Seminars 1986

Seminar iz 3-mnogoterosti

PredavateljNaslov predavanjaŠtevilo ur
L. RubinCell-like mappings and homology 3-manltolds4
L. RubinNew results of Peter Scott4
L. RubinComputing cohomological dimension4
W. MitchellAbsolute suspensions and cones, and other homogeneous spaces2
W. MitchellGeneral position properties and ANR’s2
W. MitchellCharacterizing and triangulating PL homology manifolds2
W. MitchellSingularities and dimension-raising in ANR’s2
L. RubinIsotopies of 2-complexes in ℝ34
J. PrzytyckiNew invariants in classical knot theory2
J. PrzytyckiKauffman’s approach to polynomial invariants of knots2
J. PrzytyckiConway formulas for the Jones-Conway and Kauffman polynomials2
J. PrzytyckiComputing invariants of knots and links yielded by an abstract algebra2
R. J. DavermanHomogeneity and wildness2