Seminars 1996

PredavateljNaslov predavanja
Yu. V. MuranovGeometric introduction to L-theory (3-mesečni ciklus)
P. TraczykVogel reducing operations and Markov’s theorem
A. N. DranišnikovGeneralized Eilenberg theorem
E. MolnarOn the Thurston geometrization conjecture
L. R. RubinCohomological dimension of inverse limits
E. MolnarProjective metric realization of tilings, orbifolds and manifolds
E. V. ŠčepinOn the cell-like mapping problem
A. N. DranišnikovCohomological dimension of Coxeter groups
P. V. SemenovOn nonconvexity of graphs of polynomials of two real variables
S. M. AgeevThe Banach-Mazur compactum Q(N) is an AR for every n
R. J. DavermanWild Cantor sets that are strongly homogeneously embedded in ℝn
M. CenceljG-kompleksi
S. WatsonResolutions: a method of constructing topological spaces
M. ReniHyperbolic links and cyclic branched coverings
A. B. SkopenkovOn the deleted criterion for embeddability of manifolds into Euclidean space
P. M. AkhmetievIsotopical realization problem
A. B. SkopenkovA deleted product criterion for approximability of maps by embeddings
P. M. AkhmetievRecognition problem for projections of immersed submanifoids