Seminars 1998

DatumPredavateljNaslov predavanja
27.2.1998D. Dimovski(4,2)-grupe homologije
13.3.1998M. ŽeljkoToge Cantorjeve množice v R^3
20.3.1998J. MalešičFraktalna dimenzija in Hausdorffova prostornina
27.3.1998M. CenceljO virtualni dimenziji Coxeterjevih grup
3.4.1998D. J. GarityCurves with self-intersections on surfaces
10.4.1998D. J. GarityThin cellular decompositions of R^n
17.4.1998U. H. KarimovOn some acyclic and cell-like compacta
24.4.1998D. J. GaritySymmetric products
8.5.1998E. V. ŠčepinOn asphericity of compacta
15.5.1998E. V. ŠčepinA new approach to Bockstein’s theory of cohomological dimension of compacta
22.5.1998E. V. ŠčepinOn Hausdorff measure and dimension
29.5.1998Yu. V. MuranovSurgery of closed manifolds with dihedral fundamental group
5.6.1998M. HušekProductivity of properties of topological groups
12.6.1998U. H. KarimovA noncontractible cell-like compactum whose suspension is contractible
19.6.1998Yu. V. MuranovSplitting along a one-sided submanifold
26.6.1998M. Željko1-ULC karakterizacija krotkosti Cantorjevih množic v dimenzijah ≥ 4
7.7.1998J. A. HillmanGeometries and geometric decompositions of 4-dimensional manifolds
22.7.1998A. B. SkopenkovA generalization of the Haefliger-Weber theorems on embeddings and immersions
18.9.1998L. GorniewiczPresent state of the Brouwer fixed point theorem for multivalued maps
2.10.1998J. JaworowskiThe index of some free actions in lens spaces
16.10.1998Z. KarnoEssential maps – A survey
23.10.1998S. M. AgeevOn the role of countable dimensionality in extension theory
30.10.1998S. M. AgeevOn partitions of Polish spaces
6.11.1998S. M. AgeevOn a problem of Nöbeling
13.11.1998A. B. SkopenkovOn cell-like resolutions of 2-dimensional polyhedra by special ones
20.11.1998A. B. SkopenkovBorromean rings and embedding invariants
27.11.1998P. V. SemenovA new method of construction of selections as uniform limits of δ-continuous ε-selections
4.12.1998P. V. SemenovRelations between nonconvexity of a set and its neighborhoods
11.12.1998P. V. SemenovSinglevalued approximations of usc mappings with infinite-dimensional domain
18.12.1998D. DikranjanCompleteness in topological groups