Seminars 1999

PredavateljNaslov predavanja
P. M. AhmetevIntroduction to theory of knots and links
P. M. AhmetevGauss diagrams for Vasiliev invariants of degree 1, 2 and 3 for knots and links
P. M. AhmetevSato-Levine, Massey and Vasiliev invariants
P. M. AhmetevApplications of generalized Sato-Levine invariant in dynamo theory
M. ŽeljkoRod Cantorjeve množice I.
M. ŽeljkoRod Cantorjeve množice II.
M. ŽeljkoToge Cantorjeve množice
M. ŽeljkoRod Cantorjeve množice III.
M. ŽeljkoGeometrična centralnost
M. Željko1-ULC lastnost
P. PavešićStabilne homotopske ekvivalence
M. CenceljPlus konstrukcija kot lokalizacija
P. TraczykSigned unknotting number
P. TraczykSkein trees, signatures and some evaluations of the HOMFLY polynomial
N. Mramor-KostaSU(2)-kompleksi
A. N. DranishnikovExtension theory: Introduction
A. N. DranishnikovExtension theory: Preliminaries
A. N. DranishnikovExtension theory: Main results
A. N. DranishnikovExtension theory: Proofs
A. N. DranishnikovExtension theory: Open problems
Y. MatsumotoC-Lefschetz fibrations in dimension 4
A. CavicchioliBranched coverings of hyperbolic links
J. MalešičA generalized Sato-Levine invariant for 2-component links
A. KukuHigher K-theory of orders and group rings
Yu. V. MuranovSpectra in L-theory
M. ŽeljkoA survey of results on the genus of Cantor sets
D. J. GarityOn inequivalent Antoine Cantor sets in ℝ3
J. MalešičHilbert-Smith conjecture for quasiconformal maps
S. M. AgeevExtensional properties of locally contractible spaces
S. M. AgeevThe problem of extending actions
Yu. V. MuranovOn the Browder-Livesay invariant
Yu. V. MuranovSurgery spectral sequence
Yu. V. MuranovDecorated L-groups
D. DikranjanThe lattice of group topologies and compact representations
A. B. SkopenkovOn the generalized Massey-Rolfsen invariant for link maps
L. R. RubinThe Mardešić factorization theorem for extension theory
A. B. SkopenkovOn regular neighborhoods of homotopic embeddings of polyhedra in PL manifolds
U. H. KarimovOn planar analogs of Griffiths compacta
A. B. SkopenkovOn knotted tori
U. H. KarimovOn embeddability of contractible k-dimensional compacta into ℝ2k
A. B. SkopenkovOn the Borsuk problem
A. B. SkopenkovOn projected embeddings and desuspending the α-invariant