Seminars 2004

DatumPredavateljNaslov predavanja
16.1.2004Matjaž ŽELJKOToge podmnožice evklidskih prostorov, I.
13.2.2004Matjaž ŽELJKOToge podmnožice evklidskih prostorov, II.
20.2.2004Petar PAVEŠIĆReducibility of self-homotopy equivalences: Examples
27.2.2004Aleš VAVPETIČGroups with cohomology detected by elementary abelian subgroups
12.3.2004Neža MRAMOR-KOSTATopological obstructions to graph colorings
19.3.2004Dennis GARITYKauffman polynomials of twisted Antoine links
26.3.2004Katsuya EDAAlgebraic topology of wild spaces
2.4.2004Umed KARIMOVOn homotopical properties of some Peano continua
9.4.2004Matjaž ŽELJKOOn rigid sets in R3
16.4.2004Jaka SMREKARHomotopski tip funkcijskega prostora
23.4.2004Jože MALEŠIČO dveh kompaktih v n-razsežnem evklidskem prostoru
7.5.2004Pawell TRACZYKRepresentations of braid groups in Temperley – Lieb algebra and its quotients
21.5.2004Umed KARIMOVOn Hawaiian n-dimensional group
28.5.2004Dikran DIKRANJANDimension, connectedness and uniform continuity in topological groups
2.6.2004Gino TIRONIFirst countable extensions of regular spaces
21.6.2004Mihael SKOPENKOVBetta-invariant of knotted tori in Euclidean spaces
23.6.2004Yurij MURANOVL*BQ-groups and surgery spectral sequence
28.6.2004Friedrich HEGENBARTHApplications of controlled surgery in dimension 4: Examples
17.9.2004Dennis J. GARITYFinding intersection numbers for curves on surfaces
17.9.2004Witold ROSICKIOn uniqueness of decompositions into cartesian products of polyhedra and manifolds
17.9.2004Andreas ZASTROWStrongly homotopically Hausdorff spaces do not automatically satisfy the shape embedding criterion
8.10.2004Jan PELANTThe sup-uniformity on spaces of continuous functions on scattered compact spaces
8.10.2004Dikran DIKRANJANSeparation axioms for topological groups using sequences
15.10.2004Aleš VAVPETIČHomotopska invariantnost konfiguracijskih prostorov
22.10.2004Jože VRABECBingova karakterizacija 3-sfere, I.
29.10.2004Jože VRABECBingova karakterizacija 3-sfere, II.
5.11.2004Jaka SMREKARO 1-dimenzionalnih Peanovih kontinuih s končno mnogo degeneriranimi točkami
12.11.2004Petar PAVEŠIĆO atomskih razcepih
19.11.2004Ramadas RAMAKRISHNAN TRIVANDRUML2 norm of “generalised theta functions”
26.11.2004Gabor LUKACSDuality theories of topological groups
26.11.2004Jaka SMREKARIndex of an elliptic operator and Hodge theory
3.12.2004Francisco F. LASHERASOpen problems on properly 3-realizable groups
10.12.2004Pavel SEMENOVOn a solution of the G_delta-problem of E. Michael
17.12.2004Mihael ZARIČNYIOn manifolds modelled on countable direct limits of compact universal spaces
24.12.2004Andreas ZASTROWA shape-embedding condition for planar sets and for generalized covering spaces